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Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Quality Control

Quality control is the key link in the production process. We have professional quality inspection equipment and strict quality inspection standards.


XRD-Residual stress test

The magnitude and direction of residual stress are of great significance to the quality and life of parts, and directly affect the damage form of parts.
Non-destructive measurement of residual stresses inside materials by X-ray diffraction (XRD).


Performance Testing

Flexural strength is a material property defined as the stress before a material yields in a bend test.

Compressive strength is the capacity of a material or structure to withstand loads before failure. We measure compressive strength on a universal
testing machine with specific test methods and conditions.

Tensile strength is the maximum stress a material can withstand when stretched before breaking.

Fatigue strength is the highest stress a material can withstand for a given number of cycles without breaking.

Impact resistance is the ability of materials to withstand sudden load. We use a pendulum tester to test the impact toughness of our products.


Thermall Stability Test System

VTL-For wear resistance test

Rock drillability testing machine

Metallography and Finite Element Analysis



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