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Invitation to MARMOMACC 2023 in Verona

Invitation to MARMOMACC 2023 in Verona, Italy!

Changsha 3Better Ultra-hard Materials Co., Ltd. is delighted to extend a warm invitation to you, our esteemed customers, to visit our booth at the prestigious MARMOMACC 2023 trade show in Verona, Italy. Event Details: Date: 26th – 29th September Venue: Verona Fairground, Italy Booth: Hall 8, Booth 14-2 At this highly anticipated event, we will

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What is a PDC inserts?

PDC inserts are made by sintering diamond grains and cemented carbide under high temperature and high pressure, which not only has the high wear resistance of diamond, but also the high strength of cemented carbide. This product is widely used

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development directions of PDC cutter

Six major development directions of PDC cutter

1. Diamond layer gets thicker, from less than 1mm to the current 2-4mm, the product’s life will be improved. 2. The diamond grains are getting thinner and finer, and the PDC CUTTER comprehensive performance of wear and impact resistance will improve. 3. Improve thermal stability by optimizing the process or removing Co, which will increase

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The characteristics of PDC Cutters

It has extremely high hardness. The hardness of polycrystalline diamond is HV7500~9000, second only to natural diamond. Due to the high toughness of cemented carbide support, the composite flexural strength can reach 1500MPa.

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How do we analyze the performance of PDC?

First of all,the PDC has high hardness and wear resistance (abrasion ratio). The hardness of PDC is as high as about 10 000 HV,which is the hardest material in the world’s artificial substances,and the hardness is much higher than that of cemented carbide and engineering ceramics.

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