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PDC insert manufacturer, PDC cutter solution providers

Changsha 3 Better Ultra-hard Materials Co.,Ltd. has more than 13 years of professional manufacturing experience since its establishment in Changsha in 2009. As a leading manufacturer and exporter of Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters in China, our products are widely used in mining, geological exploration, oil drilling and other industries.

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Professional Diamond Tools

Various styles of PDC products for drilling and cutting applications are available for customization.

This grade of PDC cutters uses a higher level of diamond powder and cemented carbide substrate. The microscopic characteristics of the bond enable the diamond layer to have high strength, high hardness, and high wear resistance.
This series utilizes high-grade diamond powder and a tungsten carbide substrate, ensuring high wear resistance and impact durability through advanced technology. It is widely used in stone mining, cutting, and grinding due.
Tungsten carbide buttons are highly wear-resistant components used in drilling and mining. Thermal Stable Polycrystalline Diamond (TSP) is a highly durable diamond product used in drill bit cutters.
Suitable for multi-wire machines, it can cut various types of granite and marble slabs. Customization is available based on the information and stone samples provided by the customer.

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