Diamond Wire-saws for marble block squaring and profiling

Bit Type:
Diamond Wire-saws
φ10.5mm, φ8.8mm, φ8.3mm and custom-made
To be widely used for marble block squaring, sizing, circular slabs, special shape surface processing, etc.
370x370x95 mm per carton


To be widely used for marble block squaring, sizing, and circular slabs, special shape surfaces processing, etc.

It can be customized according to the customer’s information, thus improving cutting efficiency and longevity.


Product Parameter


 Specification and Technical Parameters of Diamond Beads

Specification (mm) Height of Work Layer(mm) Manufacture Technique
φ10.5 6.4 Hot Pressed Sintering
φ8.8 6.0 Hot Pressed Sintering
φ8.3 6.0 Hot Pressed Sintering

Specification and Performance Parameters of Diamond Wire-saws

Identification Specification(mm) Beads/m Reinforcement Functiont
510P37 φ10.5 37  P/P+S Squaring
509P33 φ8.8 33  P Squaring
509P37 φ8.8  37  P Profiling
508P37 φ8.3 37  P Profiling

*P: represents Plastic,    R: represents Rubber,   S: represents Spring


Cutting Material Line Speed (m/S) Cutting Speed(m2/h) Wire Life(m2/m)
Low Rigidity Granite 30-35 3-4 60-80
Mid-hard Granite 32-35 2-3 30-60
Hard Granite 28-32 1-2 20-30



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