What is the status of diamond compacts?

China's diamond compact sheet industry has achieved leapfrog development and can be said to be the world's largest producer...

China’s diamond compact sheet industry has achieved leapfrog development and can be said to be the world’s largest producer, which can basically meet the needs of domestic oil and gas fields and geological exploration, but there are still some problems.

In particular, since the research on the thermal properties of diamond compacts is still shallow, the compacts are limited to soft-to-medium-hard formations.

To expand its application range, how to improve the composite sheet’s thermal properties, change the composite sheet’s structure, and more effectively, the composite sheet and the roller cone bit should be studied. Then, let’s take a look at the status quo of diamond compacts together!

The level of diamond composite sheets at home and abroad

Currently, the performance indicators of composite panels at home and abroad have made a leap, and the substantial improvement of the indicators has laid a solid foundation for entering the hard strata.

In the 1990s, the average wear resistance and impact toughness of composite panels in my country were 83,000 and 327J, respectively, while the wear resistance and impact toughness of foreign composite panels reached 200,000 and 400~600J, respectively.

The average wear resistance of domestic composite sheets is 180,000-220,000, and the average impact toughness is 400-600J, while the average wear resistance of foreign composite sheets is 20-250,000, and the impact toughness is 600J.

The above testing indicators and methods are implemented in accordance with the testing standards of the Land and Resources Geological Drilling Tools Supervision and Testing Center.

So far, the wear rate and impact toughness index of domestic composite panels are very close to those of foreign countries, but why is the application effect so different?

Is there a big price difference? This is a question that we must study in depth.

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