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Precautions when you use PDC drill bits
During the drilling process of PDC drill bit,from soft stratum to hard interlayer,the structural shape of the tooth crown causes the cutting teeth in the same part of the drill bit to contact with different hardness of the stratum,thus making the cutting teeth in different parts of the drill bit unevenly stressed when cutting the stratum,cause the drill bit bouncing and jumping.
PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) drill bits need to pay special attention to some matters when used to ensure that they can complete the drilling task efficiently and safely.The following are some precautions for use:
Precautions when you use PDC drill bits
1. Keep the hole clean:Before use,ensure that the hole is clean to prevent damage to composite materials when the drill bit enters the hole.z`
2. Gentle pressure and slow rotation:After the PDC drill bit reaches the bottom of the hole,apply gentle pressure and rotate slowly.After drilling a displacement of 0.1-0.20m,normal drilling can be resumed.
3. Adjust drilling parameters:During the drilling process,if the penetration rate increases, promptly increase drilling pressure and flow rate.If the penetration rate slows down,adjust drilling pressure and flow rate in a timely manner to monitor and control the aging of the PDC drill bit.
4. Select appropriate bit configuration:Depending on the hardness,fragmentation,and integrity of the rock,choose the appropriate PDC drill bit insert and welding density.
When using PDC drill bits,operators should also monitor drilling parameters,inspect drill bit wear regularly,and perform maintenance and replacements as needed to ensure the smooth progress of the entire drilling operation.
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