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Polycrystalline Diamond Compact for Geological Use
Polycrystalline Diamond Compact for Geological Use

1.Product introduction:
Polycrystalline Diamond Compact for Geological Application :Polycrystalline Diamond Compact(PDC) is a superhard composite material composed of a polycrystalline diamond layer(PCD) and a cemented carbide substrate. Geological PDC is mainly uesd for geological drilling,and suitable for all kinds of geological development drilling,for example:water well drilling,mining drilling, used on chain saw for stone cutting etc.

1. Excellent wearability and impact toughness
2. Long useful life, high efficiency, and good cost performance
3. We can manufacture for you with special formula according to your market, usage and requirements.
1.For stone processing(chainsaw machine), such as for Italy white marble cutting
2.For well drilling 
3.For mining
4.For coal drilling 
5.For hard material, stone drilling

1. Flat/round/plain: 0808, 1004, 1008, 1204, 1304, 1308, 1313, 1608, 1613, 1616, 1908, 1913,1916, 1919
2. Square:  9.4x9.4x8.0 ,  12.7x12.7x8.0 ,  12x12x4.5
3. Spherical:  1114, 1117, 1210, 1218, 1308, 1420, 1620, 1624
4. Can make pdc cutter with tail/holder
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