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Polycrystal diamond (PDC) for marble mining
PDC for chain saw is used widely in marble mining. PDC cutting blade is composed of diamond grit and tungsten carbide substrate, it combines the advantages of diamond and tungsten carbide, and has high wear resistance, high impact resistance and High thermal stability.

PDC 1308mm, 1008mm, 0808mm, 1313mm are popular among quarry chainsaw cutting machines

PDC have different shapes to meet customers’ needs, such as square and round, square with tail or round with tail, to meet the requirements of different chainsaw cutting machine projects.

Special PDC for dynamic mining chain wall saws in Marble mining,So far, we have sold a large number of PDC to Marble Quarries, including the UK, Turkey, Portugal, Palestine, Italy, Hungary, China, etc.

Advantages: Higher working efficiency, high impact resistance and wear resistance make the tool last longer.

Purpose:  chain saw machine in quarry 

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