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Diamond DTH Bits drilled 1181meter
The Diamond DTH Bits series has gained popularity in the Canadian, Russian, and Australian markets due to its exceptional performance in drilling operations

In a specific application case, the Diamond DTH Bits successfully drilled a depth of 1181 meters, showcasing their reliability and efficiency.

Key Benefits:

1. Improved Drilling Effect
The use of Diamond DTH Bits resulted in a significant improvement in drilling efficiency. The advanced diamond technology enhances the cutting capability of the bits, allowing for faster and more precise drilling.

2. Cost Reduction
One of the primary advantages of using Diamond DTH Bits is the reduction in overall drilling costs. The longevity and durability of diamond bits contribute to longer operational life, reducing the frequency of bit replacements and associated expenses.

3. Versatility
Diamond DTH Bits exhibit versatility in different geological conditions. They are capable of handling various rock formations, making them suitable for a wide range of drilling applications.

The success of Diamond DTH Bits in this application case has led to increased adoption in key markets such as Canada, Russia, and Australia.

This trend indicates the growing preference for diamond bits over traditional carbide DTH bits.

Compared with traditional carbide DTH bits, Diamond DTH Bits have the following advantages:
1. The service life of the Diamond DTH Bits is increased by more than 6 times.
2. The overall tool cost of the operation decreased by more than 30%.
3. The production efficiency of the operation is increased by more than 20%.
4. It can better maintain the quality of the well hole.
5. Make the target application that was impossible to complete once becomes possible.
6. Reduce the frequency of tool replacement and reduce the labor intensity of workers.
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