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Prospect of diamond composite chips used in oil drilling
The oil and gas exploitation products of our company are mainly polycrystalline diamond composite chips for oil / gas drilling, mainly supporting PDC cutter and PDC cutter for oil / gas drilling 
PCD composite bit is a consumable in the process of exploration and exploitation. 
The product has mature technology, stable performance, good wear resistance, impact resistance and heat resistance.
It has excellent drilling effect in medium hard to hard strata with complex geological conditions, which can greatly improve the economy of shale oil and shale gas exploitation. 
It is widely used in the exploration and production of onshore oil fields and offshore oil wells. The demand for oil and gas production products is closely related to the drilling volume in the exploration and production process when oil prices rise, some oil fields that have been shut down due to high production costs will be reopened. 
At the same time, the prosperity of the industry will improve, which will promote the increase of drilling volume and bring oil and gas development increased demand for mining products.
As PDC bits are preferred in the drilling template, with the increasing number of domestic shale gas well drilling, the demand for PDC bits and upstream PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is expected to increase significantly, and relevant companies in the diamond industry chain are expected to benefit.
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