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3BETTER and R company realise a new partnership for stone cutting technology
3BETTER, a company specialising in innovative solutions for stone cutting.

The company has recently realised a new collaboration on cutting head technology with the European stone industry giant, Rcompany has adopted the Dazzini Chain saw QST3000D chain saw.
R company has adopted the Dazzini Chain saw QST3000D. After combining with the advanced PDC cutting head provided by 3BETTER, it was successfully applied in limestone cutting. The productivity and cutting quality have been greatly improved.

Below is information on the PDC cutterhead products used:


Round PDC 0808

Diameter: 8.0 mm

Height: 8.0 mm

Diamond Layer: 1.5 mm


Round PDC 1008


Height: 8.0 mm

Diamond Layer: 1.5 mm


Round PDC 1308

Diameter:13.40 mm

Height: 8,00 mm

Diamond Layer: 1.5 mm


Square PDC

length: 9.4 mm

width: 9.4 mm

height: 8.0 mm

diamond layer: 1.0 mm,

This successful collaboration highlights 3BETTER's expertise in providing innovative stone cutting solutions that realise substantial business value for the client.


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