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Somebetter has a good reputation in the market
We combine the high performance, practicality and safety of our products to ensure you can do your jobs efficiently.
Precautions when you use PDC drill bits
Precautions when you use PDC drill bits
PDC drill bits need to pay special attention to some matters when used to ensure that they can complete the drilling task efficiently and safely. Read More >>
Diamond DTH Bits drilled 1181meter
The Diamond DTH Bits series has gained popularity in the Canadian, Russian, and Australian markets due to its exceptional performance in drilling operations In... Read More >>
3BETTER and R realise a new partnership for stone cutting technology
3BETTER and R company realise a new partnership for stone cutting technology
The company has recently realised a new collaboration on cutting head technology with the European stone industry giant, Rcompany has adopted the Dazzini Chain saw QST3000D chain saw. Read More >>
Invitation to MARMOMACC 2023 in Verona
Invitation to MARMOMACC 2023 in Verona, Italy!
Changsha 3Better Ultra-hard Materials Co., Ltd. is delighted to extend a warm invitation to you, our esteemed customers, to visit our booth at the prestigious MARMOMACC 2023 trade show in Verona, Italy. Read More >>
PDC for chain saw cut machine in marble mining
Polycrystal diamond (PDC) for marble mining
PDC for chain saw is used widely in marble mining. PDC cutting blade is composed of diamond grit and tungsten carbide substrate, it combines the advantages of diamond and tungsten carbide, and has high wear resistance... Read More >>
PDC inserts for down-the-hole drill bits,center teeth,dome shaped inserts,gauge protection teeth
What is a PDC inserts?
PDC inserts are made by sintering diamond grains and cemented carbide under high temperature and high pressure, which not only has the high wear resistance of diamond, but also the high strength of cemented carbide. This product is widely used Read More >>
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